11/07/2016 6:10 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:57 PM AEST

Pokemon GO Fan Events Are Hitting Streets Nationwide

The game that everyone is crazy about just got a little crazier.

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Masses of Pokemon GO fans are organising fan events to meet up and play the game.

They're on the streets, they're in your offices, they even catch the train home with you. Pokemon GO users are everywhere.

When Pokemon GO launched on Wednesday, the craziness ensued immediately. People started walking into police stations, one girl stumbled across a floating body and malware copies of the game were created to take control of people's phones, all with the aim to catch 'em all.

But now the madness surrounding the augmented reality game has hit its newest peak -- hundreds of Pokemon GO users are hitting the streets in planned mass-number events that have formed in cities around the country, according to Pedestrian.

Events in Sydney and Melbourne over the weekend saw hoards of Pokemon 'trainers' flock to popular locations in each city to scope out the sights, all while having their eyes fixed on their phones.

All of the Pokemon Trainers are out for #PokeGoWalk Sydney!

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Such an awesome turnout for the start of the Sydney #PokeGOwalk!!

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In the biggest release of a gaming app since the Angry Birds craze, the rest of the world is still itching to get their hands on it, so it seems we still have a while yet until the days of Pikachu-obsessed fans have passed us.