Live Big: Five Things To Do This Week That Will Restore You

Feelin' good.
Yes to adventure.
Yes to adventure.

If you asked most internet folk their definition of angst it's likely (if they're being honest) it would involve a phone with no battery or no wi-fi.

And while it's hard to deny the pure joy of cat videos, sometimes it's about stepping away from the screen and remembering to live a little.

Don't worry happiness skeptics, this isn't an article about tree-hugging and kombucha.

Nik Toth, a health coach, nutritionist and founder of The Lean Body Coach says anything we can do that's out of the ordinary, that we wouldn't normally do on a daily basis is positive for our wellbeing.

"Too many people forget to live and they get into the habit of doing the same things day in and day out," Toth said.

"They never actually take the time to do the things they love -- and we wonder why so many people are miserable."

As well as changing up your routine so that your interests compliment your 9am to 5pm (not the other way around) Toth recommends the following five changes as part of her coaching program.

1. Have one vegetarian day a week

"By limiting red meat intake you are immediately reducing your chances of chronic diseases such as cancer and premature death," Toth said.

But not just that, you are easily going to make the daily recommendation of five servings of veggies.

"You'll also consume less saturated fat, less cholesterol and increase your mineral intake," Toth said.

2. Go easy on coffee

"Taking a break from coffee is especially recommended for those who complain about low energy," Toth said.

If you're relying on it to get out of bed, it means you're expecting caffeine to do the job of your own adrenaline.

"Switch to green or white tea as they don't have as much caffeine. The first three or four days will be tough, but every single one of my clients who has given up caffeine report an increase of energy," Toth said.

3. Choose restorative exercises

Sure, pounding the pavement makes you sweat and feel like you've actually had a workout, but Toth recommends incorporating a restorative routine into your regime once or twice a week.

"Yoga and pilates are especially great because they use the breath and activate the parasympathetic nervous system -- helping you to unwind," Toth said.

4. Intermittent fasting

Before you run for the pantry, intermittent fasting doesn't mean cutting food altogether, rather limiting your caloric intake to 800 to 1000 calories or fasting for an 18-hour period.

"Historically, we ate when we could and wouldn't know when the next meal was coming," Toth said.

Toth says he believes being in a consistently fed state is not natural to our physiology and therefore puts pressure on the body.

"You could have an early dinner, and then not eat until midday the next day. What you'll notice is you will eat less on the other days too," Toth said.

Toth says intermittent fasting enhances cellular repair, improves clarity and reduces insulin levels.

5. Do something you love

It could be as simple as taking a bath or curling up to a book with a cup of tea.

"Book yourself in for a massage or wake early to see the sun rise," Toth said.

Choose something that gets you out of your daily routine and makes you feel like you're living again.