13/07/2016 8:33 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:57 PM AEST

Snowing In Canberra And Huge Snowfalls In Snowy Mountains

The government should get a day off school.
This is way more exciting than some dumb old election.

Snow is falling in Canberra. It's not quite coating the ground in a layer of white, but flakes are definitely falling from the sky in the national capital. Which doesn't happen often so everybody is terribly excited.

Here are some pics.

Now as you can see from the above images, this is not the biggest snowfall in the history of the universe. Canberra has had several snowfalls in the past where roads have actually been covered, but they don't seem to happen much anymore.

You can also see pretty clearly how much snow is on the city's hills compared to the city itself. Mt Ainslie (pictured above with tiny snowman and views of the city) is about 840m above sea level. Mt Painter (pictured with nice snowy grass) is 740m. The city proper is closer to 600m.

But it is definitely snowing in the city itself, even if not much. It was forecast too, as we wrote yesterday.

Meanwhile in the Australian Alps, it just snowed itself silly. Thredbo in New South Wales is reporting 70 cm of snow up high overnight and 40cm in the village at the bottom of the hill. Wow.

The weather didn't forget to snow in the Victorian skifields either.

Hahndorf in South Australia is also looking decidedly Bavarian.

But this Wednesday is all about Canberra, and the world's tiniest amount of snow which has got our capital city very, VERY excited.

It's been hovering around one degree all morning in Canberra, with temperatures tipped to rise to seven. Which is not much. Melbourne should reach 11, Sydney 14 and Adelaide 13 as the whole of southeast Australia shivers through a nasty cold front which is now moving out to sea.

Its effects will linger for another day or so but then the weather should clear.