14/07/2016 9:54 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:57 PM AEST

Osher Gunsberg And Ruby Rose Love Pokémon GO

Osher plays it on The Bachelor dates.

If Osher Gunsberg seems a little distracted in the upcoming season of The Bachelor, it may be becasue he's gotta catch em' all.

Pokemons, that is. Not the contestants. Osher's taken and the girls are there for Richie.

Osher's one of a string of celebrities to share their developing Pokémon GO addiction just like the rest of us.

He says he's even spotting them on Bachelor filming days thought it might be a cheeky tweet as we're pretty sure the final scenes were done and dusted before the game was released.

Ruby Rose is another Australian celeb who went from zero to obsessed in a few short posts. We can see why though, there seems to be a Pokémon named Ruby Rose. It's like her own PERSONALISED POKEMON!!!

Lol dead

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Internationally, celebs are getting on board.


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