15/07/2016 1:47 PM AEST | Updated 16/07/2016 5:38 AM AEST

Mango Wars Get Sticky As Chinese Vow To Boycott Filipino Fruit

The South China Sea decision has sparked a mango boycott.

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Mangoes are caught in the middle of an international dispute.

Mangoes have become an unlikely whipping boy for Chinese tensions about the South China Sea ruling.

Since an international tribunal in The Hague dismissed Beijing's claim on the waters, thus supporting the Philippines' rights to be there, Chinese people have shown their disdain through mangoes.

Chinese social media channels are being flooded with people calling on the nation to boycott Philippine-grown mangoes.

Chinese news service Global Times quoted several unnamed online shop owners who supported the boycott, with one saying "our online shop will not sell Cebu mangoes from the Philippines and will not sell any snacks imported from the country anymore".

Another unnamed stall holder told the Global Mail he would give away any remaining Filipino stock.

The BBC reported people on Cinese blogging platform Weibo saying "Starve the Filipinos to death" and "If you love China, don't buy Filipino imports".

China is the Philippines' fourth-largest export market and according to a Philippine government report, total mango exports were worth more than $14 million from January to November last year.

Filipinos have hit back on social media with a parody on Brexit, calling for China to #Chexit the Philippines as well as renaming the sea.