18/07/2016 9:56 AM AEST | Updated 18/07/2016 10:13 AM AEST

MMA Fighter Michael Page's Pokémon Celebration After Knocking Out Evangelista Santos Is Peak Zeitgeist

Take a nap, 2016, you're done.

You're trying to catch 'em all, but you probably didn't realise that extended to the Octagon.

In what is the inevitable marriage of pop culture in 2016, augmented reality phenomenon Pokémon GO and mixed martial arts (MMA) have intersected at Bellator 158 in London.

British fighter Michael 'Venom' Page knocked out Evangelista Santos on the weekend, but it was his celebration that created headlines.

Positioning himself in the centre of the zeitgeist, 'Venom' ran to the edge of the Octagon and took possession of a Pokémon cap and a so-called Pokéball -- so that he could "catch" Santos.

'Venom' then rolled his Pokéball at his vanquished opponent then, raised arms above his head (just like Ash used to do in the original Pokémon series), celebrated both the MMA knockout and the taking possession of a new 'Pokémon'.

There's no word at this point on how much CP a 'Santos' is worth, or whether Venom's Pokéball even got anywhere near him.

But that doesn't really matter. 2016, take a nap. You're done.