18/07/2016 9:20 AM AEST | Updated 18/07/2016 10:35 AM AEST

Watch This Trapped Baby Seal Get Rescued From A Fishing Net

...then hightail it straight to the sea.

Fairfax Media
The seal pup was stuck in a knotted net.

When two buddies came across a tiny seal pup tangled in a mass of fishing net, they ignored it's terrified growling and set to work cutting it loose.

South Coast locals Neal Cameron and Adam Williams found the pup at surfing spot Manyana beach straining to get free beneath a bush.

Cameron had a fishing knife on him and he said he didn't think twice about cutting it free.

"It was pretty stroppy, snarling at us to start with but we held it tight to immobilise it," Cameron told the Milton Ulladulla Times.

"We estimated the seal might have been there for well over a week, with the recent large swells we've seen," Williams added.

Once the pup was free, there was no time to say thank you to its brave rescuers.

"He slapped his way back to the ocean, not once did it turn around and say thanks," Williams said.

So, on behalf of seals everywhere, we'd like to give a big wet thank-you kiss to Cameron and Williams.