19/07/2016 11:07 AM AEST | Updated 19/07/2016 11:15 AM AEST

Sonia Kruger Stands By Her 'Extreme' Call To Ban Muslim Migration

The TV host did not apologise despite being called 'racist'.

'My views may be extreme'

The Today Show host Sonia Kruger is standing by her opinion that Muslim migration to Australia should be stopped.

Kruger made the controversial comments on Monday morning and has since copped severe criticism.

She acknowledged Tuesday morning her opinion was "extreme" but did not go as far as apologising, saying she'd been rocked by the Nice truck attack and a perceived connection between Islam and terrorism.

I saw the image of a baby covered in a plastic sheet with a doll lying beside her and it rocked me to the very core.

I imagined what that must have been like for the people of Nice, for the friends and families of the lost and the thought that it could happen here terrifies me.

This type of attack affects people from all walks of life and I want to make it very clear that I have complete respect for people of all races, and religions.

The Today Show
Sonia Kruger said there were no simple answers to international terrorism.

I acknowledge my views yesterday may have been extreme.

The reaction overnight in the papers, online and via social media demonstrates that there are a myriad of opinions in Australia which I actually appreciate.

It is a hugely complex and sensitive issue. It's an issue with no simple answer. And it's an issue that cannot be fully discussed in a short televised segment.

Is there a solution? I don't know. We elect politicians to make those calls. They analyse and then they decide and we hope they get it right. It's a privilege to live in a country such as Australia which embraces a multicultural society. But there is no simple answer here and if we are to find a solution to the situation at the very least we need to be able to discuss it.

Colleague Sylvia Jeffreys said she didn't agree with Kruger's opinion but said she was entitled to express herself.

"Sonia is not racist. She is a compassionate, intelligent, and thoughtful person," Jeffreys said.

"She spoke yesterday with brutal honesty on her emotions as a mother.

"I don't agree with Sonia's argument, plenty of people don't, plenty of people do, but I respect Sonia's right to voice her opinion and it is worth pointing out as I said, there was a lot of support for Sonia yesterday but she is right now, yesterday and today and probably for the next few days, maybe week, copping a mountain of criticism."