19/07/2016 3:07 PM AEST | Updated 19/07/2016 5:14 PM AEST

Boop The Baby Feathertail Glider Is Going To Get Even Cuter

Her little face is smaller than a thumbnail.

Australia Zoo / Getty Images
Boop's got a cute future ahead of her.

Boop the baby feathertail glider fell from her mum's pouch when her eyes were barely opened, but luckily, she lives near Australia Zoo, with a vet onhand.

Weighing less than 1 gram, she is one of the smallest patients at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, and is receiving round-the-clock care by a specialised wildlife carer until she is ready to return to the wild.

She's pretty cute now but when she grows up, she'll get a full feathery tail to help her balance as she glides through the treetops.

Fully grown, they're only 8cm long at the most but what they lack in size they make up for in flair.

Seriously, check out that tail.

Getty Images/Universal Images Group
Look at that tail!

It's so, feathery and elegant.

If you can get over this tail you are a stronger man than me #feathertailglider

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just rescued the most gorgeous lil glider - I'm so in love 😍😍😍 #feathertailglider #wildliferescue

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If feathertail gliders look like curiously familiar critters to you, perhaps you're remembering this:

Remember using these?... I still do. #1cent #coin #feathertailglider #australia #sthelenscanteen

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