Here's What's Inside The 'World's Healthiest Burger'

Hint: it ain't meat.

It may sound like fast food, but its assembly is anything but speedy.

The Nutri-burger is a patty made of a whole lot of ingredients, including medicinal mushrooms, beet, natto and quinoa, sandwiched between a matcha gluten-free brioche bun with cashew cheese, kimchi and watercress. It’s being called the “world’s healthiest burger” by deals site Groupon, who challenged a U.K. nutritionist to invent the burger.

Along with its accompanying fries and shake, the Nutri-burger meal is said to contain over 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C and iodine. It also looks 100 percent terrifying:

The complete Nutri-burger meal consists of the burger, sweet potato fries and a chocolate-bee-pollen shake, which all together require more than 50 ingredients to make. Nutritionist Libby Limon developed the recipe as a challenge from Groupon, which provides DIY instructions for the burger on its site.

Ingredients like “Shoney seaweed” and “black raspberry powder” are hard to find in stores, but Limon says her homemade burger is worth the hassle.

“It tastes really good,” Limon told HuffPost. “I haven’t had one person that hasn’t demolished the whole thing.”

We have to say, though, that a recipe requiring dozens of ingredients and dozens of complicated steps is exactly what makes many people see healthy eating as unattainable. There are ways to make nutritious food ― yes, even burgers! ― quickly and cheaply, without taking trips to 10 different health foods stores.

Take these healthy veggie burgers as shining examples: