20/07/2016 8:57 AM AEST | Updated 20/07/2016 1:33 PM AEST

Snakes On A Train For Real In Woy Woy, NSW

A man pulled out his python, and had it confiscated.

NSW Police
This snake was on a train, and the passengers weren't impressed.

Passengers on the late night Central Coast train got an eyeful on Tuesday night when a man pulled out his three-foot-long jungle python.

NSW Police said several passengers called because of concern for the welfare of the snake, which had been in the man's backpack before the show-and-tell incident.

The man did not have a reptile licence for the snake, named Bread, so police confiscated it.

It's currently staying at Woy Woy Police Station where it is expected to be examined by staff from a reptile park today.

Moral of the story? As Samuel L Jackson says in Hollywood cult flop Snakes on A Plane: "I have had it with these mother------- snakes on this mother------ plane train".