21/07/2016 10:27 AM AEST | Updated 21/07/2016 11:10 AM AEST

Australian Michael Quinn Pleads Guilty To U.S. Child Sex Charges

He was caught in a police sting posing as a child sex party.

ABC News 24
Michael Quinn

A Melbourne man who arrived at a Los Angeles hotel room for what he thought was a child sex party will spend at least a decade behind bars.

Melbourne Chargers rugby player and IVF geneticist Michael Quinn pleaded guilty to child sex offences after a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer posed as a group of paedophiles offering the chance to have sex with a six-year old boy.

Court documents showed Quinn told the undercover officer he was "looking for sex with children... his favourite were boys, aged 5-10".

When in the U.S. the undercover officer invited Quinn to a hotel room under the impression a boy would arrive with a pimp.

Three other men were also waiting who were undercover police officers as well. A 'pimp' arrived and as soon as Quinn paid him US$260, he was arrested.

In a plea deal with prosecutors, Quinn will spend the next 10 to 13 years in a U.S. prison.

"Mr Quinn travelled to the United States to have sex with a young child," US Attorney Eileen Decker said.

"Fortunately, law enforcement was able to ensure that no child was put in harm's way and that Mr Quinn would face severe consequences for his conduct."