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8 Indulgent Mug Cake Recipes You Can Make In Minutes

So much yes.

Cake never looked so good (and cute).
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Cake never looked so good (and cute).

When you feel like eating cake, the best option would be to go to the supermarket and buy those $4 mud cakes, right?

Well, yes, but if you don't want to down a whole cake in the span of one evening (or you can't be arsed to go the shops), there's good news: you can make your own mini cake at home, in a mug, in under three minutes, with ingredients you probably already have lying around.

Yes, only three minutes stand between you and these dreamy mug cakes. Choc chip, nutella, mocha, banana, double choc, blueberry, choc mint -- the works.

All you need is a mug, a few ingredients and a microwave (or an oven, though it will take a little longer to bake), and your cake of choice is made and ready to eat.

Cooking Classy, Running with Spoons

1. Chocolate chip cookie dough mug cake

By Running with Spoons

This recipe had us at 'chocolate chip cookie dough' -- the single greatest flavour ever. This mug cake is light, fluffy and as healthy as you can get without it tasting like cardboard. It's pretty low in sugar, vegan and made with whole grain oats instead of flour, so you can feel virtuous while digging in.

Running with Spoons
Now is not the time to skimp on the choc chips.

2. Banana mug cake with simple cream cheese frosting

By Cooking Classy

This mug cake is perfect for when you've got some spotty bananas in your fruit bowl. Imagine banana bread had a baby with vanilla cake, which has then been smothered in a simple cream cheese frosting and finished with pecans. It's sweet, rich and we want it now.

Cooking Classy
The addition of banana makes it healthy, right?

3. Double chocolate mug cake

By Running with Spoons

No recipe feature (or life, for that matter) would be complete without the inclusion of a chocolate -- especially a recipe that's double chocolate. This mug cake is the answer for when intense chocolate cravings arise. You only need six ingredients to make this bad boy. Pop it in the microwave for a few minutes and you're set.

Running with Spoons

4. Blueberry banana bread mug cake

By Running with Spoons

Ideal for when you feel like inhaling a whole loaf of banana bread, this mug cake version is light, fluffy and studded with blueberries. This single serve banana bread takes less than five minutes to make so there's no excuse to not have an amazing mug full of banana-y, cinnamon-y, blueberry goodness.

Running with Spoons
Best to make a few of these for backup...

5. Healthy one minute mint chocolate brownie

By The Big Man's World

Choc mint fans, rejoice. This one minute mint chocolate brownie has got your back. It's fudgy, rich and packed with chocolate flavour, as well as being naturally gluten free, paleo and vegan. This mug cake is also oven tested, so microwave-free folk can enjoy it, too.

The Big Man's World
Finish with sprinkles if you're feeling extra cheeky.

6. S'mores mug cake

By Running With Spoons

In case you don't know what s'mores are, they're a magical American campfire sandwich of roasted marshmallow and chocolate between two graham crackers (the closest version of these cookies we have here in Australia are digestive biscuits). This dessert features all the classic s'mores elements but doesn't require campfire. It's also in cake form, meaning it's super soft, doughy and fluffy.

Running with Spoons
Sorry for the drooling.

7. Nutella mug cake

By Cooking Classy

Oh lordy. As if nutella wasn't delicious enough on its own, it just had to feature in this rich, chocolate-packed single serve cake. If you're feeling fancy, top your mug cake with whipped cream and fresh raspberries. #cleaneating.

Cooking Classy
Yes please and thank you.

8. Mocha chip mug cake

By Running with Spoons

If you need a little pick-me-up, this mocha chip mug cake might do the trick. Made with naturally sweet coconut flour and coconut sugar, this mug cake is soft, fluffy and gluten free, and requires only five minutes and seven ingredients.

Running with Spoons

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