22/07/2016 8:56 AM AEST | Updated 22/07/2016 9:28 AM AEST

Great White Shark Circles Spear Fishermen, Who Call It 'Beautiful'

Well, it is graceful... in a fierce, toothy sort of way.

Brett Levingston / Instagram
A great white shark comes out of the depths near off Cape Moreton.

When a 4m great white shark circled a group of spear fishermen on the Gold Coast, you could forgive them for using some colourful language. After all the word 'shark' is basically an amalgamation of two of Australia's favourite swear words.

(Take a minute to figure that one out in your head. Go on -- you'll be glad you did.)

Instead, the seasoned divers called it 'beautiful and graceful' describing the whole encounter as 'memorable'.

It looks memorable alright. As in 'I must remember to burn my soiled wetsuit', memorable.

On Instagram, Brett Levingston described the moment off Cape Moreton.

Yesterday was without a doubt one of the most unforgettable and memorable experiences I have ever encountered.

I came head to head with this graceful & beautiful 3.5-4m Great White Shark.

After a quick poke to the head with my Aimrite speargun, luckily it decided I wasn't his feed for the day!