20/07/2016 2:11 AM AEST

The New Photo Editing App Your Phone Absolutely Needs

Instagram should be worried.

Thomas Tamblyn

While it’s understandably difficult to see anything that isn’t Pokemon Go related at the moment may we draw your attention away just a brief moment to focus on Prisma.

You may have seen the name appear here and there, or in the bottom right-hand of an Instagram picture or two.

The reason you’re probably seeing it crop up more and more is because quite simple, it’s really really good.

Quite simply it’s a photo-editing app that thanks to some seriously clever visual wizardry is able to transform your picture beyond all recognition.

While filters on Instagram or VSCO will simply change aspects like the lighting, contrast etc Prisma lets you apply art filters instead.

Now we know what you’re thinking, art filters sound great but they almost always end up looking like the kinds of cards you buy in train stations because you’ve forgotten your nephew’s birthday.

Don’t panic, Prisma works.

Thomas Tamblyn

Created by a small team based in Moscow, the app’s genius lies in the sheer quality of the filters that it can apply.

Using machine learning and a whole bunch of cloud-based number crunching the app analyses your picture and then applies the style with a terrifying degree of accuracy.

Thomas Tamblyn

If there is a downside it’s that Prisma needs the cloud to perform its magic, and that means being connected to the internet.

That said it’s a small price to pay for a free app which offers some truly impressive photo-editing features.

The company have just unveiled a beta version for Android, while the iPhone version is available to download now from the App Store.

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