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These Breathtakingly Beautiful Cakes Are Straight Out Of A Dream

There is no shortage of beautiful food photography on Instagram. But every once in a while, a truly magical Instagram account comes into our lives, filled with photos so stunning they’ll bring tears to your eyes and rumblings to your stomach. Colombian baker Julián Ángel has earned that distinction for his photos of whimsical home baked cakes.

“I like to make outrageous and dramatic cakes charged with feelings, glitter, sparkles, swirls and anything I can imagine,” Ángel told Instagram Blog.

Ángel began his baking journey three years ago. After a rough start with a bad batch of chocolate muffins ― Ángel called them “a disaster” ― he spent six months working on his craft. Now his cakes are arguably too beautiful to eat. For those of us who struggle in the baking department, there may be hope for us yet!

Marvel at Ángel’s creations below. To see more of Ángel’s work, follow him on Instagram.

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