24/07/2016 5:01 AM AEST | Updated 24/07/2016 5:03 AM AEST

This 'Game Of Thrones' Star Is Unrecognizable Out Of Costume

Hair he is.


The “Game of Thrones” cast made it out to San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, and it appeared they also brought a new actor with them. But everything wasn’t what it seemed ...

The new guy looked familiar. Who could it be? He must be playing a Lannister because of his gorgeous, flowing mane. It’s cool that he seems so comfortable with the cast already and ... wait ... Varys!?

Are you ready for this? Hair we go:

Albert L. Ortega via Getty Images

Blerg! What!? 

You know Varys. He’s the dude who hangs out with Tyrion, talks to little birds all day and seemingly time-travels because he’s everywhere all the time. When we last left him, he apparently brought the powers of Dorne and the Tyrell’s over to Dany’s side. But, most importantly, he’s bald. He’s bald, bald, bald, bald.

Well, he is on the show, anyway.

Hair he is again:

FilmMagic via Getty Images

And again:

FilmMagic via Getty Images

And again:

FilmMagic via Getty Images

In real life, Varys, AKA actor Conleth Hill, is about as far from bald as you can get. Dude clearly conditions.  

We’re talking, if “Tangled” was live-action, Hill could play Rapunzel. We’re talking, when he goes to Supercuts, they probably pay him. (That’d be a sweet $14.95* in his pocket every time.) Donald Trump’s look is probably just one of Hill’s glorious strands wrapped around the presidential candidate’s dome.

All things considered, that’s pretty good coverage.

The secret hair is just another example of how Varys is so good at what he does. Varys, you just ‘do what you ‘do. 

Seriously. Is this real?


FilmMagic via Getty Images

Someone call Khaleesi. That hair is hot fire!

*Varys’ potential earnings from Supercuts may Varys vary.