27/07/2016 10:34 AM AEST | Updated 27/07/2016 10:51 AM AEST

This Man Fell Asleep At The Cricket And Everyone Took The Piss

To be fair, he WAS watching England.

Twitter/Paddy Power
That man's head is not a bin.

Test cricket is a beautiful thing. Much like a good book or a gripping HBO series, it ebbs and flows and unwinds with slow-moving sub plots.

But it also goes for five days and sometimes, frankly, it can get pretty bloody boring. Especially when England is playing.

So you can hardly blame this poor chap for nodding off during England's Test against Pakistan. (England won by the way, it was quite a match, but who really cares about that?)

While this fella is innocently banking a few zzzzzzs during a quiet spot in the match, the crowd just couldn't get enough of it.

Completely oblivious to the spectacle he's created, Asleep At The Cricket Guy, as he should now be known, becomes a receptacle for all kinds of rubbish. Because if there's a sure thing about cricket crowds, it's that they love a good stitch-up.

At first his mates pile empty beer cups atop his head, then what appears to be the remnants of a delicious vanilla cone drip slowly down the right side of his face.

Then an empty chip box is placed on top of the cups, before a man carefully slots a 'four runs' placard into the evolving jenga tower of rubbish on Asleep At The Cricket Guy's dome.

But, as jenga towers inevitably do, the pile collapses when a man in fancy dress attempts to top it all off with a Where's Wally hat.

The best part? Even with all the commotion of the build, then collapse, of the tower, Asleep At The Cricket Guy remains asleep.