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25 Sad Desk Lunches That Are Hilarious (Yet Horrifyingly Familiar)

There's no pretty or perfect salads here.
We're done.
We're done.

Anyone with a desk job will know how often lunch is eaten at said desk.

For those lucky ones, lunch will be colourful and delicious (and probably expensive), but let's face it -- a lot of the time our lunch is a gloopy, bland and questionable mess.

Because the internet is amazing, some geniuses collected photos of sad desk lunches and created the funny, yet horrifyingly familiar, Sad Desk Lunch Tumblr.

Seriously, if these don't instil a confronting sense of equal parts shame and hilarity, we're pretty jealous of you and your nice lunch.

Here's some anti-inspiration.

Too hot to cook, too broke for take out. This is the epitome of #saddesklunch #adultingishard

A photo posted by Ashley (@ashley__camille) on

Oh boy. This is definitely not what 'brunch' is supposed to look like.

A photo posted by Pixl (@pixlboxxx) on

A cold steak and kidney pie sandwiched between a single bread bun. 'Nuff said.

Not so #saddesklunch. Salad 31 out of #100salads. 👌🏼🌱💯

A photo posted by jesslyness (@jesslyness) on

Someone has clearly challenged themselves to '100 of the most depressing salads ever'.

A photo posted by Tony Gall (@galltony) on

Possibly best to have skipped lunch entirely.

It was nearly there, but not quite.

A photo posted by @slhawesomely on

The commitment to this Aussie food combo is somewhat inspiring. The execution, however, is not.

A photo posted by Mikey (@mikeywhen) on

Ohhh goodie.

A photo posted by @somebodysmiracle on

We've all had a questionable looking lasagna (?) at one point or another, but whatever this is takes the cake.

A photo posted by Nosherium (@nosherium) on

At least it's healthy...

A photo posted by Lauren Stefanou (@one_giant) on

Riveting stuff.

A photo posted by Kate S. (@hellapants) on

No words for this utter abomination.

"Day one of healthy eating."

Why? Just why?


This one's far too real.

Nope. Nope, nope, nope.

When you make a sandwich and there's only cheese cubes. #werk #saddesklunch #leftovers #keepinitklassy

A photo posted by Maria Rodriguez (@marialikespictures) on

Look, you tried.

A photo posted by Jen Rokoski (@jenroko) on

Adult life ftw.

A photo posted by Rachel ( on

This one wins the most drab lunch ever in the history of lunch.

A photo posted by Meaghan (@lady_meggatron) on

#cleaneating #paleo #balanced

Does kombucha make this okay?

Sometimes lunch is just....lunch. Nothing fancy. #day165 #project365

A photo posted by Adam R (@theboringrunner) on

"Nothing fancy" alright.

"Oh, look. Cement. I might eat it now."

Who doesn't like ambiguous meat surrounded by a sea of green goop?

Chin up, it's nearly Friday.

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