28/07/2016 9:41 AM AEST | Updated 28/07/2016 10:37 AM AEST

A NSW Man Just Bought An Island Resort For $49 In Micronesia

He was one of 75,485 people who bought a raffle ticket.

Josh from NSW is a lucky man. He's the winner of Micronesian island resort Kosrae Nautilus and it only cost him $49 for a raffle ticket.

The 18-room resort and dive business was raffled by Gold Coast couple Doug and Sally Beitz, who had raised their three children while running the resort but were ready for a new life stage.

Doug said they didn't want to sell it off to developers.

This is the closest harbour to the resort. Lelu village 🏝📸 @scottyd_beitz

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"The idea to transfer the resort and dive business this way, rather than through a traditional sale, is because we want this piece of untouched paradise placed in the hands of someone who truly falls in love with it, someone who has dreamed of island life and who will continue to respect the island's precious ecosystem, not simply the person with the deepest pockets," Doug said before the raffle.

The couple sold 75,485 tickets and they announced the winner on Facebook Live where you can hear the host saying "yes, it's real".

At that number of tickets going for $49 a pop, it's presumed the family made a maximum of $3,698,765 gross, as some tickets were sold in discounted packages.

As part of the competition, the family provided occupancy rates and staff information suggesting it was profitable.

So Joshua, wherever you are we are jelly.

Like, totes jealous.