The Very Best Affordable Furniture And Homeware Hacks

Pimp your IKEA, Kmart and second hand finds.
Get your craft on this weekend.
Get your craft on this weekend.

Hands up if you love IKEA?

Keep them in the air if you're obsessed with Kmart's recent offering of unreal homewares.

Yeah, us too.

Sure, owning the odd piece of fancy furniture is great (does anyone else dream of a home filled of pieces from SPACE?), but most of us frequent IKEA, Target, Kmart and the local $2 Shop to source the majority of our home contents.

Though sometimes, at the risk of having your home look like a showroom, you might like to customise those pieces to make them your own.

Or, if you live in a small apartment, you probably need some clever storage solutions to create a bit more space and less visual clutter.

We got you.

At HuffPost Australia we're not huge fans of the term 'hack', but it's apt for describing these clever furniture makeovers and nifty home ideas.