29/07/2016 8:08 AM AEST | Updated 09/08/2016 10:53 AM AEST

Australia's Most Famous Mining Town Is Now Mining The Sun

'Those renewables just don't run out. Mining does.'

In the far west outback of New South Wales sits Broken Hill, Australia's most famous mining town.

A place so connected to mining that the world's largest mining company, BHP -- Broken Hill Proprietary -- began their rich history there back in 1885.

"The people of Broken Hill have always been totally connected with their mining history," said Kevin 'Bushy' White, an ex-miner, in the mini-documentary above.

But now, after 130 years of unearthing iron ore, the town is turning to mining the sun.

"There's a lot of innovative thinkers here," said Susan Thomas, a local artist.

And those thinkers have come together with Wincen Cuy, the Mayor of Broken Hill, in an attempt to reinvent themselves.

And they're using the two things they have plenty of: land and sun.

"Those renewables just don't run out. Mining does," said Cuy.

With the highest solar exposure in the nation, Broken Hill is striving to become the new powerhouse of Australia.

"This mini-doco showcases the renewable energy revolution that is underway right across Australia," said Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie.

"There's no reason the sunniest country in the world can't become the home of large-scale solar."

'Mining the Sun' was created by The Climate Council. To watch more from them head over here.