29/07/2016 4:15 PM AEST | Updated 29/07/2016 4:31 PM AEST

NT Government Withdraws Suit Against Don Dale Teens

It was done hours after the counter claim became news.

Four Corners
A teenage boy is strapped to a restraint chair at the Don Dale centre in the Northern Territory

The Northern Territory government has reportedly withdrawn its counter suit against two detainees who launched legal action after they were gassed and abusaed at the Don Dale detention centre.

The ABC reported on Friday the NT Government was counter suing two teenage boys for damages resulting from an escape attempt, after six detainees launched an initial law suit over a tear-gassing incident.

Just hours after news of the counter lawsuit was reported the Government with drew its counter claim.

The counter-suit for more than $160,000 in damages was filed on July 4, before the now infamous Four Corners story which carried footage of heavy handed tactics by staff at Don Dale.

Chief Minister Adam Giles has raised the suggestion the Four Cornersprogram was part of a Labor plot.