01/08/2016 8:51 AM AEST | Updated 01/08/2016 9:25 AM AEST

Daniel Ricciardo Drank Champagne From A Shoe To Celebrate German Grand Prix


Ralph Orlowski / Reuters
Lewis Hamilton watches Ricciardo down the shoey

There are many ways to celebrate good news. A nice dinner, a night on the town, a big party, you could do a dance or just jump around.

Aussie Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo drank champagne from a shoe.

The 27-year-old driver put in a great performance at the German Grand Prix overnight, finishing in second place just six seconds behind championship leader Lewis Hamilton. It was the Red Bull driver's 100th F1 race, and his second podium finish in a row after placing third in the Hungarian Grand Prix last week.

"That is two weeks in a row I've been on the podium and it is great to have the race back here in Germany," Ricciardo said.

"This is the first double podium for us in over a year and it is awesome to close out the first part of the season like this."

F1 podium finishers traditionally celebrate by shaking and spraying giant bottles of champagne everywhere. Ricciardo injected a bit of Australian cheekiness into the proceedings. He did a shoey,

Ricciardo explained to F1 fans what it was all about, saying that he was inspired by a mate who had acted out a similar celebration recently:

You may not be familiar with a shoey, but it's essentially exactly what it looks like -- "pouring an entire alcoholic drink into your shoe and skolling it entirely", according to Urban Dictionary. Ricciardo didn't invent it, as it's been around for years, for some reason. It has its own Wikipedia page and everything.

It's a thing.

Sydney punk band Heroes For Hire did a shoey-inspired video diary of their time behind-the-scenes at the Soundwave Festival in 2012, making a stack of bands and musicians do the same.

And U.S. DJ Dillon Francis got in on the act during a New Year's Eve performance in 2015.