02/08/2016 12:08 AM AEST | Updated 02/08/2016 7:55 AM AEST

Frank Ocean Is Finally Dropping His Album This Week

It’s been four years since Ocean released his debut album 'Channel Orange'.

FilmMagic via Getty Images
Hopefully he's not pump faking us on this album for the umpteenth time.

UPDATE: 8/1 —The wait for new Frank Ocean music is coming to an end.

The New York Times reported that Ocean’s long anticipated album “Boys Don’t Cry” is set to release exclusively on Apple Music on Friday. The album will be accompanied by a major video and a printed publication called Boys Don’t Cry which will be sold at Apple Stores. The Times reported that the album will remain exclusive to Apple Music for two weeks before it’s released widely.


Early Monday morning, a livestream appeared on Ocean’s website. In true Frank Ocean fashion, the cryptic livestream showed a mysterious figure moving around a workshop.

Just Frank toying with us again.

Though mundane at moments, every so often we’re blessed with what may be an instrumental from Ocean’s new album. And it sounds damn good.

It’s been four years since Ocean released his debut album “Channel Orange” and fans have been impatiently waiting since then for more. After broken promises speculation of a new album debuting July 2015, the Twitterverse lost its damn mind after the livestream began:

Others weren’t so optimistic, saying that Ocean has played with our hearts too many times before:

Looks like it’s for real this time.