03/08/2016 5:35 AM AEST

Leonardo DiCaprio Invites You To A $33,400 Per Person Hillary Clinton Fundraiser

A little party never killed nobody.

If you are #WithHer, live in the greater Los Angeles area and have ATM withdrawal privileges the rest of us can only dream of, then Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hillary Clinton fundraiser might just be the place for you. 

According to Variety, the “Revenant” actor along with former “pussy posse” member Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Aniston, Shonda Rhimes and other famous types are set to host an event called “Conversation with Hillary” upon the candidate’s next visit to California. 

Tickets to the invite-only shindig reportedly cost a totally reasonable $33,400 per person, with $2,700 earmarked for the Clinton campaign and the rest of the funds to be directed toward various bodies under the umbrella of the Democratic National Committee. 

The details of the event, however, are still under wraps. Sources tell Variety that the fundraiser will most likely take place wherever DiCaprio and [insert blonde model] lay their weary heads each night after a day of intense beret shopping and vape-inhaling, aka Casa de DiCaprio.

The Oscar winner officially pledged his support to Clinton in June, after he was spotted attending a fundraiser for Clinton with his “boo boo” Jennifer Lopez at Harvey Weinstein’s home in New York City. 

Considering the guest list and DiCaprio’s penchant for lavish parties, we’re expecting a full-blown “Great Gatsby”-style celebration. 

Hey, a little party never killed nobody.