02/08/2016 3:39 PM AEST | Updated 02/08/2016 3:46 PM AEST

Massive Sinkhole Opens Up In Queensland Pensioners' Yard

And it's full of wild, sloshing water.

ABC News

Either a sci-fi portal to a watery dimension has opened up, or a a sinkhole is swallowing a pensioner's yard in Queensland.

The property, near Ipswich, was evacuated on Tuesday and the Queensland Times reported homeowner Lynn McKay as saying "please don't take my washing line".

In September last year, a sinkhole opened up near Queensland's Fraser Island at Inskip Point.

A nearby campground was evacuated.

Then there's this traffic-stopping sinkhole in sinkhole in Ottawa, Canada.

Chris Wattie / Reuters
Workers look at a large sinkhole in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

When it comes to being impressive, you can't go past The Gateway To Hell in Turkmenistan.

The story goes that Soviet scientists drilled through an underground cavern in 1971 and when they relised it had filled with gas, they lit it to burn it off. It's been burning ever since.

AFP/Getty Images
Known as 'The Gateway to Hell,' this burning gas crater is in the heart of Turkmenistan's Karakum desert.