Rosé Chocolate Exists, And We've Officially Gone Too Far

We wonder if it tastes different if you eat it in the Hamptons ...

Rosé is good. We get it, world.

But maybe after White Girl Rosé and rosé-flavored gummy bears, we’ve reached our rosé quota? No? OK.

Well, now there’s rosé chocolate.

Chocolate shop Compartes is responsible for this spin on everyone’s favorite summer beverage. Their Roses & Rosé Chocolate Bar is appropriately light pink, “infused with rosé wine and decked out in edible crystalized rose petals.”

The bar is made of white chocolate, which ― not to rain all over your rosé-flavored parade ― isn’t even real chocolate.

You can snag a bar of your own for a whopping $9.95, but only if you live in L.A. If you don’t, tack on another $8.95 for shipping.

If you’re game to spend $20 on a rosé candy bar, we won’t judge you. But we’ll likely be over here sipping on actual rosé from the liquor store across the street and stalking Compartes on Instagram.

Making MATCHA GREEN TEA CHOCOLATE BARS! Tag someone you want to EAT one with! 🍃🍃🍃✨✨ {at now}

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Rosé all day your own way, friends.