03/08/2016 3:37 PM AEST | Updated 03/08/2016 3:40 PM AEST

Andrew Bogut Rio Olympic Village Problem Solved With Cuddles

Problem solved with humour. Because Australia.

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Mate, you are such a dribbler.

Well, they do say that love conquers all. And love, in the form of team spirit and cuddles, has temporarily conquered the giant-sized problem of 213 cm Australian basketballer Andrew Bogut and his undersized Rio Olympic Village bed.

A quick recap. Bogut, who has won an NBA title with the Golden State Warriors, arrived in Rio earlier this week and had big problems with the Olympic Village. His shower had no curtain so he made one. His bed was too small.

But in Rio overnight, Bogut's teammates Patrick Mills and Damian Martin said these were minor issues. When asked whether he was jealous of the star-studded U.S. team, which is ensconced on a luxury boat in Rio, Mills said he and his teammates were happy with the comparative sparseness of their Olympic Village digs.

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Mills looks forward to plenty of cuddles on the way to (he hopes) Australia's first ever men's Olympic basketball medal.

"Nah man, I much prefer to cuddle with my teammates," he said.

"We all grew up together playing basketball at the AIS, so we're a tight bunch of guys. They actually got rid of the second bed in their bedroom so it's nice and cosy."

Bogut is sharing his room with Chris Goulding, who plays for Melbourne United in Australia's NBL. Whether they're really snugging up together is doubtful. But hey, it's a nice image.

Meanwhile Australian chef de mission Kitty Chiller also showed a comic touch in defusing the Bogut situation.

"I think he's the best man to fix a shower curtain because he's exactly the right height and I'm going to call on him to come to my room straight after the press conference," she joked.

"He's got a big bed and he's got a lovely mosquito net over it as well, like a princess in his bed."

There's another image you can work with.

Further perspective was added by Australian player Damian Martin, the 31-year-old captain of the Perth Wildcats who is making his Olympics debut in Rio.

Andrew's quick-witted, he's intelligent, and he tells it how it is so it's pretty funny for some people to read his tweets, but... I think a lot of it's tongue-in-cheek."

Bogut himself had the last word, on Wednesday Tweeting:

The bottom line here is that humour has triumphed over whingeing, which is the Aussie way. And on the actual basketball front, the Aussies still believe they can beat the USA, whom they meet on Wednesday, August 10, in their third pool match.