04/08/2016 7:30 AM AEST | Updated 04/08/2016 7:31 AM AEST

Canada Beats Matildas 2-0, Shattering Rio Dream in 20 Seconds

We Got Totally Waltzed.

Paulo Whitaker / Reuters

Twenty seconds. That's how long it took Canada to register its first goal against The Matildas in their opening match of the Rio Olympics women's football tournament in São Paulo. It was the fastest goal in Olympics history, and Canada went on to win 2-0.

Olympic football always starts a few days before the Opening Ceremony in order to squeeze it in to the tight Olympic schedule. And Canada wasted no time at all reminding the Aussies that this was the real thing, not a warm-up match. A defensive error from the Aussies and that was that. The maple thieves stole the early advantage.

Paulo Whitaker / Reuters
That didn't take long.

Australia appeared to be back on top when when Canada defender Shelina Zadorsky was red-carded for a foul on Aussie striker Michelle Heyman. Reduced to 10, Canada started to look shaky and the Matildas began to assert dominance over the match. But they couldn't find a goal.

In the second half, Canada won a penalty for a handball in the box from Clare Polkinghorne. Matildas goalkeeper Lydia Williams saved the lame penalty attempt from Janine Beckie, who was unable to double per personal tally after scoring the opening goal.

But team Canada doubled its tally when through forward Christine Sinclair, and that's how it stayed.

Paulo Whitaker / Reuters
We might still win the gold medal for despondent faces.

This is bad for Australia. Very bad. The Matildas had hoped to win Australia's first Olympic football medal in men's or women's competition, but they should probably all go up to the Christ the Redeemer statue and pray really hard if they think that's going to happen.

Their next match is against Germany, who have been in brutal form of late. In their most recent friendly match 10 days ago, Germany beat Ghana by a lazy 11-0.

Two of the Australian players are based in Germany, and one was recently told by her coach that Germany would beat Australia 7-0 in Rio. Ouch. Even a 1-0 loss will likely now eliminate the Matildas from the tournament, which means Australia's tournament might now be over quite literally before the Olympics proper have started.

Germany plays Australia at 6pm Rio time on Saturday. That's 7am Sunday AEST.