03/08/2016 2:57 PM AEST | Updated 09/08/2016 2:55 PM AEST

The Mick Fanning Documentary: Shark Attack, Family And Where To Next

"As heavy as a shark attack is, in Mick's life it's probably not even up there in top five."

While Mick Fanning has been a household name in Australia for quite sometime, last year's shark attack at the J-Bay Open catapulted him into rock star status around the globe.

It wasn't just surviving the incident that elevated him, but the way he conducted himself after.

"He is a three-time world champion. But what he is best known for are the 37 worst seconds of his life," says one ESPN reporter at the start of the documentary What Lies Beneath.

"And many people would not go back in the water after something like that happened," says another.

"He went back into the water."

Along with being the subject of the most documented moment in surfing history, just months later Mick lost one of his eldest brothers, Peter Fanning, to a heart attack. His second brother to die well before his time.

"As heavy as a shark attack is, in Mick's life it's probably not even up there in top five," says Mick's coach, Phil McNamara.

"Some of the other things that have happened to him. They've changed his life."

The film documents Mick's life from childhood through the where his is now, including his part-time role on this years WSL tour and all of those highs and lows that have moulded him into the person he is today.

It also includes an interview with his mum, Liz Osborne, an incredible woman who has endured those rough rides along with Mick. And with that, you can see where he gets his resilience and humility.

"The world deals people these cards, you have the choice to be crippled by them," Mick says in the film.

"Or you have the choice to go, alright, let's see how we can carry on from this."