05/08/2016 8:51 AM AEST | Updated 05/08/2016 5:04 PM AEST

Aussies Win Comedy Gold For Pre-Olympics Funnies

We come from the land down under where everything's joke fodder.

Yes, our team mates are having a blast.

The Rio 2016 Olympics are about to get serious. Before the opening ceremony signals the start of two weeks of competition, let's look back on the cheeky ways our athletes have been entertaining themselves.

I go to Rio

A Peter Allen parody was bound to happen at Rio 2016, and who better to strut than a power walker?

Gold medal-winning race walker Jared Talent nails the flamboyant strut in this video.

Zika for the win

Only Aussies and Kiwis would turn a serious illness like Zika into a cheeky chant. Listen to them go.

It came about at a NZ Vs U.S. game because U.S. goalie Hope Solo had shared a controversial selfie of her Zika-proof precautions last month.

Not sharing this!!! Get your own! #zikaproof #RoadToRio

A photo posted by Hope Solo (@hopesolo) on

Our Aussie basketball team meanwhile has mozzie protection sorted.

Questionable street meat

Even the HuffPost Australia sports editor needs to take a bite to eat while covering Rio, he's just not sure he'll be able to swallow this particular mouthful.

The down-low on polo

We want our athletes to feel comfortable in their active wear no matter what.

Then there's this snippet of overheard conversation.

Photobombs galore

Cyclist Annette Edmonson wasn't going to let a chance slip by to get a pic with sprinter Usain Bolt.

We don't mean to alarm you but this tree is smiling.

Show us your massage face

Surely one of the perks of being an elite athlete is the pummeling sessions on the massage table.

Basketball style

Basketballer Andrew Bogut found teammate Aleks Maric's shoes, and they're blinging.

Flip 'em the bird

Discus thrower Benn Harradine captures a quick hand signal in the gym.

True blue Pokemon

Cyclist Rohan Dennis doesn't play Pokemon GO, he lives it.

Go troppo

To quote The Bachelor's Ritchie, it's "cool bananas" for athletics competitor Jessica Trengrove and co.

Aussie nicknames

You won't lose these bags at the airport.

What's a performance and sports science centre?

Seriously, race walker Chris Erickson is just looking for the gym.

Share your best angles

Annette Edmonson reminds us of the time she got "oiled up" while Jessica Thornton shows us how she warms up.

There's no doubt about the favourite Aussie teammate this year -- it's BK.