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SBS Style, The Unexpected Fashion Authority

Yes, we're talking about the television network.

As far as style inspiration goes there are the unquestionables like The Coveteur and Man Repeller. (can we hurry up and best friends with Leandra already?)

Then, there's the surprising sources of sartorial insight that are totally unexpected. Once such authority is the SBS Style Instagram account.

Yep, we're talking about the wardrobe department of the Aussie television network. The broadcaster of politically skewed world news actually has a slew of very well dressed presenters. Other networks, take note.

SBS Style is the Instagram account run by the wardrobe department which documents the station's fashion finds.

"The style department consists of myself, style assistant Kylie Gonder and the hair and makeup team," SBS Network Stylist Lesley Crawford told The Huffington Post Australia.

We asked Crawford what an average day in the styling department looked like.

"We come in each morning and check the schedule and style the looks for the day. These are then placed in the change rooms for the presenters."

"In the middle of the day we do all our buying, shopping with the presenters, go to showings and source jewellery for the presenters to wear. We then return to SBS to be on hand for show promos and recordings," Crawford said.

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With regards to how looks are sourced, it comes down to each presenter's style.

"Each presenter has their own look, wardrobe and budget. This allows for a broad buying spectrum. We try and support local designers and retail as much as we can. We are also fortunate to have available some great designer consignment stores," Crawford said

"We also purchase online for international labels during sale season. Our budgets don't stretch to buying at full price so we have become very adept at sourcing great product at reasonable prices."

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Do they have designers throwing garments at them for the presenters to wear? Not really, but they should have!

"Not so much approaching us, we generally purchase wardrobe. However we have built up relationships with many of the designers and PR companies to be able to borrow for publicity and events."

As for Crawford and Gonder's favourite brands?

"Menswear we love Ian Nessick. For womenswear we like Ellery, Gary Bigeni, Maticevski, Dion Lee , KITX. For accessories we look to Dinosaur Designs and Elke Kramer. At the moment we love velvet, embroidery and a strong silhouette," Crawford said.

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