05/08/2016 9:19 AM AEST | Updated 05/08/2016 9:41 AM AEST

Soupy Water in Rio Aquatics Centre Forces Aussies To Change Pools

It should have been like consommé but was more like Vichyssoise.

Getty Images

Just when the Australian swimming team had souped up its Olympic preparations, it was forced from the training pool at the Rio Olympic Aquatics Stadium overnight because of cloudy water which leading coach Michael Bohl described as "soupy".

Teams have been training at the aquatics centre all week, both in the main pool and the warm-up pool, which is a temporary facility which will be removed after the Games.

Here's a picture your correspondent took of the main competition pool two days ago. As you can see, the water looks great.

Good enough to drink.

The main pool is reportedly still as blue as the image above, but the warm-up pool clouded over as Thursday wore on to the point where most of the Australian team switched pools for health reasons.

So far in the lead-up to the Rio Olympics, water quality issues have been confined to the beaches -- where body parts have washed up -- and the rowing and sailing venues, where rubbish has been impeding the boats.

One swimmer who stayed training in the cloudy waters of the training pool was dual 100m and 200m backstroke world champion Mitch Larkin. He told The Huffington Post Australia earlier this year that he grew up swimming in the muddy waters of the creek behind his house, so perhaps he felt right at home.

Meanwhile, Rio Olympics organisers said they were looking into the training pool issue.