06/08/2016 7:53 AM AEST

'Ghostbusters' Director Says He Won't Reboot Another Classic Movie

“This one was just too tempting."

J. Countess via Getty Images
Paul Feig, Steve Higgins, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig on July 12 in New York City.

It’s hard breathing new life into a beloved cinematic story. (See: “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” with Johnny Depp, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” with Jim Carrey, “The Amazing Spider-Man” with Andrew Garfield.) For reasons that aren’t allrooted insheer refusalto watch four women comedians fire proton beams at the supernatural just because they weren’t men like in the classic 1984 version, the “Ghostbusters” reboot has faced a lot of criticism. And evidently, director Paul Feig is done grappling with nostalgic moviegoing hordes.

Asked whether he’d ever consider reimagining another classic film property, the director responded decisively.

“No, no, no. No, I will not,” Feig told The Huffington Post, laughing. The creator of cult hit “Freaks and Geeks” and director of “Bridesmaids” will happily go back to original material, which he noted comprises the bulk of his work. 

“This one was just too tempting because I knew we could do something with it that was exciting,” he explained. A gender-bent sequel with cameos by all the original main cast members? Sure, that’s pretty exciting. Or blasphemous, depending on your view.

Actors including Melissa McCarthy and at least one Sony executive have joined Feig to speak out against the sexist, misogynist bits of “Ghostbusters” criticism, appropriately labeling it, well, sexist and misogynist.

But it wasn’t all hateful. The Huffington Post spoke to Feig about the reaction he’s seen from fans since the movie’s July 15 debut, and he explained how a lot of it has been positive ― especially from women and young girls.

“It’s such a validation for the years of false controversy,” Feig said.