08/08/2016 10:28 AM AEST | Updated 08/08/2016 11:46 AM AEST

Olympic Gymnast Breaks His Leg And Is Then Dropped By Medics

The medics deserve the opposite of a gold medal for their performance: 💩💩💩.

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Samir Ait Said is in excruciating pain moments after breaking his leg.

When French gymnast Samir Ait Said broke his leg during competition at the Rio 2016 Olympics, he probably thought his day couldn't get any worse. He was wrong.

Moments later as medics were taking him to an ambulance via stretcher, they flipping dropped him. Have a look.

Said horrifically broke his leg while landing a vault move during the men's gymnastics qualification session.

We'll show you the photos, but if you're eating or have a particularly strong gag reflex, it might not be for you.

Seriously, it's not too late to watch the history of Olympic fashions or check out some easy dessert recipes instead.


We warned you.

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Samir Ait Said runs towards the vault.
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He launches into the air.
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He lands and falls, his leg clearly pointing in the wrong direction below the knee.
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It really, bloody hurts.

Despite the terrible day, Said posted a video from his hospital bed in relatively high spirits, saying he had open tibia and fibula fractures.

"The operation went very well and I can be back on my feet quite soon, relatively," Said said.

"I will be going back to the arena soon to cheer on my friends because the competition hasn't finished yet. And I can add to the support with my blue, white and red cast.

"Come on France!"

Now that's a man who deserves a medal.