09/08/2016 2:33 PM AEST | Updated 09/08/2016 7:27 PM AEST

15 Photos Showing The Strength, Elegance And Other Awesome Traits Of Women At The Games

Chasing gold, like a girl.

There is no better exhibition of the saying "fight like a girl" than the Olympics.

It has been less than a week, but we've already seen some of the best sporting traits from our Aussie women.

Because fighting like a girl means much more than throwing the hardest or toughest punch. The fight can embody strength, elegance, control, patience or simply, mateship.

The Games are different for our female and male athletes, and with that comes a diverse thrill for us mere spectators.

So soak up the best captured moments of our Aussie female athleticism so far from Rio.

1. Agility: Mariafe Artacho Del Solar. Volleyball.

Mariafe Artacho del Solar dives during the Women's Beach Volleyball preliminary round against Switzerland on day three of the Games.

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2. Determination: Ellia Green. Women's Rugby Sevens.

Ellia Green runs with the ball and the sheer determination she'll get it over the line during a game against Spain in the Women's quarter final. They have obviously won Gold since. And we can see why.

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3. Sacrifice: Mariah Williams. Hockey.

Mariah Williams just casually showing off her flexibility while she appears to care about nothing but stopping that ball during the women's hockey match against Britain.

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4. Mateship: Brittany Elmslie, Emma Mckeon And Bronte Campbell. Swimming.

Teammates Brittany Elmslie, Emma Mckeon and Bronte Campbell celebrate as Cate Campbell brings home the last leg of the Women's 400 metre freestyle relay. The women not only won a gold but set a new world record.

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5. Power: Emma Tonegato. Women's Rugby Sevens.

Australia's Emma Tonegato dives -- with everything she's got -- to score a try against the United States before winning the first women's rugby sevens gold.

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6. Endurance: Jess Fox. Kayak Slalom.

Jess Fox pushes herself through the whitewash with extreme focus during a women's kayak slalom heat on day three of the Games.

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7. Focus: Maddison Keeney. Diving.

Maddison Keeney delivers precision, strength and agility (all wrapped up in one sweet dive) during the women's three metre springboard final at the FINA Diving World Cup (which was a test event for Rio).

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8. Playfulness (And Generosity): Leilani Seemah Mitchell. Basketball.

Leilani Seemah Mitchell holds behind her back, a sneaky present for the Argentinian team before the International Women's Basketball Tournament (which is another test event for Rio).

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9. Perseverance: Gillian Backhouse. Triathlon.

Gillian Backhouse falls to the ground as she crosses the finish line at the ITU World Olympic Qualification Event at Copacabana beach before the Games.

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10. Unity: Maddison Keeney and Anabelle Smith. Synchronised Diving.

Maddison Keeney and Anabelle Smith of Australia dive in unison during the women's three metre springboard final at Rio.

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11. Elegance. Madison Wilson. Swimming.

Madison Wilson swims her heart out in the women's 100 metre backstroke heat on day two of the Games.

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12. Balance: Olivia Price and Jaime Ryan. Sailing.

Olivia Price and Jaime Ryan sail in the women's 49er FX class on the Escola Naval course during the International Sailing Regatta (a test event for the Olympics in Rio).

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13. Strength: Melissa Wu. Diving.

Melissa Wu, mid dive during the women's 10 metre springboard at the FINA Diving World Cup.

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14. Resilience: Suzy Rose Batkovic. Basketball.

Suzy Rose Batkovic battles Karina Jacob of Brazil during International Women's Basketball Tournament (another test event for Rio).

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15. Love: Nicole Beck. Women's Rugby Sevens.

Nicole Beck shares her gold medal win with daughter, Sophie, after our Aussie women defeated New Zealand in the final.

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And the best part is, it's only the beginning.