10/08/2016 1:00 AM AEST | Updated 10/08/2016 9:02 AM AEST

Twitter Had A Field Day Over #Censusfail

'I hope ABS Census kept the receipt.'


While many fumed over the failings of the Australian Census website on Tuesday night, others found a more cheerful way to pass the time.

As the ever-spinning 'loading' screens and error notifications continued late into Tuesday night, many took to Twitter with memes, comic jibes, and even some helpful suggestions for the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Here are some of the best from Tuesday night and Monday morning.

Some tried to envision the goings-on behind the scenes as the ABS and politicians scrambled to deal with the problem.

Others poked fun at $55,000 spent on testing the website -- which the Australian Bureau of Statistics had earlier boasted could withstand double the amount of traffic that would be required.

There were even some conspiracy theories floated.

And then there were those who simply refused to admit defeat -- even after Census Australia confirmed that the website would be down for the remainder of the night.

By Wednesday morning, jokes turned to conspiracy theories including the debate about why the wildly popular hashtag #CensusFail stopped trending on Twitter.