11/08/2016 2:27 PM AEST | Updated 11/08/2016 3:11 PM AEST

Some Aussie Legend Made Their Own Census And It's Bloody Funny

It's called the 'Sense Arse' and no, the site is not down.

Supplied / Fairfax Media
This guy didn't make the Sense Arse, but he'd be its spirit animal.

It's been a fairly bad week for the Census team. After an exhaustive testing period and advertising campaign, the site failed on Census night.

First they were mocked, then confused and finally they were reprimanded by the Prime Minister who said "heads will roll".


It might be time for a bit of comic relief, huh team?

Some absolute legend made a Census of their own, asking all the questions that matter to Aussies, like 'How many times did you hit the piss in the last week?' and 'Where did you have your first ciggie?'

The results are as funny as the questions.

Sense Arse
Sense Arse

The official Census site was finally up and running on Thursday afternoon, but if you'd rather take the Sense Arse, you can find the form here.

Remember, be honest because the nation needs to know what's your favourite beer.