11/08/2016 2:37 PM AEST | Updated 11/08/2016 7:11 PM AEST

Inmates Caught Growing Weed After Taking Part In Prison's Horticulture Program

Chronic is the new black.

Orange Is The New Black
Well, well, well.

Prisoners in a Victorian jail may no longer be living the high life after a crop of 28 cannabis plants was discovered in the prison vegetable patch.

It appears some of the prisoners at Fulham Correctional Centre -- a medium security prison outside of Melbourne -- became extremely enthusiastic about the prison horticulture program, planting the cannabis crops in between the regular plants grown in the program.

Victoria Police seized the plants -- some half a metre high -- following a security check on Wednesday. An investigation has been launched into the illegal gardening.

"It is embarrassing. These things shouldn't happen inside a prison," Corrections Commissioner Jan Shuard told 3AW on Thursday morning.

Shuard said one suspect has been identified and horticulture aside, the inmates wouldn't have been able to smoke their home grown weed due to the new smoking ban inside Victorian prisons. We suspect the smell may have alerted guards too.

But these inmates are not the first to boast enthusiasm around drug production (or consumption) behind bars.

In 2015, a prison staffer told The Australian Women's Weekly female inmates at Wellington prison in central New South Wales were caught retrieving drugs sewn up inside dead birds and tennis balls (which were thrown into the prison from the outer fence).