Day Spas Around Australia With A True Wellness Focus

Indulgence with a difference.
Indulge in a day of wellness... for him as well as her.
Indulge in a day of wellness... for him as well as her.

There is nothing better than a good old-fashioned pampering session. At the very least, it's a great excuse to turn your phone off and have a couple of hours of uninterrupted 'you' time, complete with fancy-smelling oils, fluffy towels and the general rule no one should speak above a soothing whisper.

There are countless day spas around the world that have built successful businesses offering precisely that: a place you can escape to and unwind while enjoying any number of beauty or relaxation treatments on offer.

Then there are the spas which go one step further, offering the chance to delve further into the concept of 'wellness' beyond the (admittedly excellent) process of receiving a facial or having a peppermint foot scrub.

In short: these are day spas with a difference, and are well worth checking out if you're tiring of 'the usual'. Here are some of our favourites around the country.

New South Wales / Australian Capital Territory

It should come as no surprise that one of New South Wales' top wellness spas is situated in Byron Bay.

Situated on 25 acres of the Bundjalung Country hinterland, Gaia Retreat and Spa was founded in 2005 (one of its co-founders is Olivia Newton-John, if you're interested) and offers options for relaxation as well as health, wellbeing and fitness.

Day spa treatments include a variety of massages including 'specialised Gaia massages' such as a Lymphatic Drainage massage (designed to move fluid out of body tissues and into the lymphatic system) and The Royal Kahuna (described on the website as 'a combination of movement, dance, rhythm, breath, energy and massage'.)

Other treatments include naturopathic consultation, acupuncture and cupping as well as energetic healings such as Reiki.

The mind is also set to benefit from a visit to Gaia, with meditation, psychology, hypnotherapy and kinesiology treatments available.

Those wanting to go more hardcore can opt for one of the retreat packages which include luxury accommodation, yoga classes, all meals and snacks and daily retreat activities.

Gaia Day Spa offers all-Australian treatments made from home grown ingredients.


One of Australia's best-known spa destinations, the Daylesford area is located in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range and boasts 65 mineral springs. (It is also becoming a pretty respected wine region, but that's another article for another time).

First used in Australia by indigenous Australians, mineral springs have long been thought to possess specific -- but mostly unproven -- health benefits, such as boosting circulation, improving sleep, reducing stress, relieving pain and assisting with various skin problems.

While visitors to the Daylesford area will have no shortage of mineral spas to choose from, offerings such as a private treetop spa (using only 100 percent pure Daylesford mineral water) and a range of treatments targeted specifically at expecting mums are what sets Salus Day Spa apart. The mineral water used at Salus is sourced from its own spring and is used both in hydrotherapy sessions and for consumption on site.

Aside from the actual spa, there's a cooking school on site as well as several walking tracks that lead from the property into the Wombat State Forest (which, as the website states, is 'complete with local fauna and the abundant health creating mineral springs the area is renowned for'. The nearest of which apparently bubbles out right on Lake House's doorstep.)


Offering a range of Eastern and Western natural therapies, Harmony Hill is an eco-friendly spa set on 42 acres of natural bushland.

You can choose to book a one-day experience or a multi-day retreat (billed as being particularly good for couples) and can take your pick from 'healing' treatments such as the chakra healing experience or crystal healing therapy, or an entire range of Ayurvedic therapies.

Other unique offerings include yoga, Tai Chi and breathing technique classes as well as Indian mama point therapy, reflexology and, for those wanting to go more hardcore, a range of multi-day retreats including detox and weight loss packages.


Noosa Springs Resort, Noosa

While there are a number of fantastic retreats located further north (shout out to the Daintree EcoLodge and Spa) Noosa Springs Resort gets a special mention purely because of the sheer amount of day spa options available.

Treatments are based on a 'health through water' philosophy so expect no end to the pools, baths, showers and, yes, spas on offer.

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There's a HydroMassage pool (filtered, chlorine free water that is oxygenised and heated to near body temperature with 'water-based massage zones where strong jets of water work on every part of your body'), a flotation pool, an infa-red sauna, a Blitz Shower (featuring 'powerful water jets to invigorate your circulatory system and revitalise fatigued muscles') and a thermal capsule which is touted as being a great way to start to a detox program.

Western Australia

Bodhi J Wellness Spa, Perth

There's not much you can't do at Bodhi J. This day spa offers everything from yoga and reiki classes to 'extras' such as a hydrotherapy spa and an infa-red sauna.

There are also a number of body and healing therapies on offer, such as a chakra balancing experience and a sound healing session, which explores indigenous sound healing instruments from all over the world.

Products used on site are 100 percent organic and natural (Bodhi J uses two spa care product ranges: Sodashi and Li'tya) and uses ancient indigenous Australian medicines and massage techniques where possible.

South Australia

Authenticity was established 20 years ago and is located on a 40 acre property about an hour's south of Adelaide.

The Health and Wellbeing Retreat boasts an on-site vegetarian cafe as well as yoga classes, day packages and accommodation for those interested in a longer stay.

Wellbeing treatments include energy healing, transpersonal art therapy and aroma and light therapy while the beauty therapy offerings extend to advanced clinical skincare and private hydrotherapy.

Northern Territory

Okay, we have to level with you. The Mataranka Hot Springs are in no way a day spa, but seeing as we're in the Northern Territory, why not head into the great outdoors?

If that doesn't say 'relaxation' and 'wellbeing', we don't know what does.

But seriously, healing properties aside... what could possibly be better than this?