15/08/2016 11:42 PM AEST

Man Rides A Horse Into Taco Bell, And The Internet Is Freaking Out

Yeehaw! 🐎

Some people order their Taco Bell burritos at the drive-through window. Others just ride right into the store. 

After cowboy Lathan Crump finished a rodeo last week, all he wanted was some T-Bell. So the 19-year-old rode his horse, Hollywood, into a Taco Bell restaurant in Commerce, Texas for the “drive-in” dining experience of our wackiest dreams (or nightmares). 

“Well ole Hollywood was a lil hungry after the rodeo so I road him in to grab a bite,” Crump wrote on Instagram

Here’s the hijinks from another angle:

Crump’s shenanigans made him internet famous overnight, as he shared on his Twitter account. After all, it isn’t every day you see a horse in line for nachos ― and obviously, that’s good news for the health and safety of everyone involved.

(We shouldn’t have to tell you it’s a bad idea to ride a horse into a restaurant, but don’t ever ride a horse into a restaurant.)

Though the sight was indeed shocking, police won’t take action unless somebody files a complaint, according to Fox 4 News. Giddy-up!