17/08/2016 1:38 PM AEST | Updated 17/08/2016 6:22 PM AEST

Protester Crashes Malcolm Turnbull's Speech With The Most Australian Sign Ever

Refugee advocates disrupt speech to say 'close the camps'.

CANBERRA -- A major security breach has allowed refugee advocates in Melbourne to disrupt a major speech of the Prime Minister, with one managing to jump on stage carrying a sign saying "FFS close the bloody camps".

The Prime Minister was a few minutes into his speech at the Grand Hyatt Hotel when chants supporting demanding the closure of the Manus and Nauru immigration processing centres began.

Justin McManus, Fairfax
Speech by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull crashed by detention centre protestors. Photo by Justin McManus.

"For F***'s sake, Malcolm," they could be heard yelling over the Prime Minister. "Close the f***ing camps. Do the right thing."

Witnesses say there were about eight protesters armed with signs, but one got very close to the Prime Minister before being escorted away by security.

Questions are now being asked about Malcolm Turnbull's security for the event which was widely promoted in the media.

It is understood the protestors snuck into the event posing as media, but media accreditation was not checked at the door.

The protesters later tweeted about their action.

The Prime Minister continued with his speech in which he announced a plan to pressure Labor to support around $6.5 billion worth of Government budget savings.