17/08/2016 5:02 AM AEST

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Busked At An LA Train Station And Nobody Cared

La La Land crushed his rocker dreams.

If you slay a drum solo on a Los Angeles subway platform and nobody cares, did it even happen? 

Fortunately for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, there is video evidence of such a travesty occurring to him.

The “Snowden” actor recently performed underground as part of his “Everyday, Spectacular” project for his production company, HitRecord. Unfortunately, it seems as though Angelenos are much more interested in catching their subway than watching the star play.

“You look like Pee-Wee Herman a little bit!” one passenger calls out from the subway car, causing the actor to burst out laughing.

“I want to challenge musicians, singers, dancers, and performers of any kind to go into an ordinary setting, and make a spectacular moment out of that everyday situation,” said Gordon-Levitt on HitRecord’s website. “You can sing, dance, play around, dress up in costumes, do any kind of extraordinary activity. These performances will be recorded from the standpoint of a passerby. So in the end, we’ll have a big, vibrant, beautiful, spectacular, collaborative piece of art.”

The 35-year-old is also currently releasing a five-part series of short films on The Huffington Post from his production company that seek to answer the question: does technology help or hurt democracy?

Hopefully, Gordon-Levitt’s films will make more of an impact than his subway rock debut did.