18/08/2016 1:44 PM AEST | Updated 18/08/2016 2:30 PM AEST

This Child Is A Confronting Reminder The War In Syria Isn't Over

Warning: The footage is distressing, but important.

There isn't a more confronting reminder of war than seeing the innocence of a child caught amongst it.

In the case of this footage, it is the ongoing conflict in Syria causing a child to be pulled from rubble after an explosion.

In fact, there are four children.

They are all pulled from rubble in the city of Aleppo, which has become home to constant conflict throwing the regular lives of many Syrians into turmoil.

The Syrian war has been ongoing for more than five years now, causing a global refugee crisis as Syrians flee their country.

The most confronting part of the entire footage, which has been captured by Aleppo media, is the silence and slow movements of this one child.

He sits upright, reaches one hand to the side of his face, touches it, pulling his hand away to see it covered with blood.

And then he doesn't know where to wipe his hand.