A Life Coach Reveals Her Daily Ritual For Fulfilment

It takes just five minutes.
Cue Pharrell Williams.
Cue Pharrell Williams.

In a world filled with external chaos, from Bieber feuds to the latest Snapchat filter, it's no surprise the vast majority of us are in search of something more. Though, what that is exactly, is the million dollar question.

"There is a common misconception that success and fulfilment means having financial wealth or that once you reach a goal, well then you'll be happier," Nicole T Harcourt, life coach, author and founder of Evolved Life Visions told The Huffington Post Australia.

But the problem with that according to Hart is that we're not defining what success means as an individual.

Hart, who has 15 years' experience as a life coach, explains this by sharing the one question she gets asked most.

"Fulfilment is defined by how you feel within yourself."
"Fulfilment is defined by how you feel within yourself."

"Without a doubt, the question of 'why aren't I happy' comes up the most and this is because we never stop to check in with ourselves because, who has the time?!"

"It's only when something traumatic in our life happens that we realise 'hey, this might not be the direction I want to take my life'. And it shouldn't be like that," Harcourt said.

This very concept of simply checking in with yourself for five minutes each day is what Harcourt believes is key to fulfilment.

We can all set goals, but it's about taking the time each day to bring you closer to that goal.

Harcourt focuses a lot on goal setting and visualisation exercises. However, she says neither of these activities are useful without the commitment to five minutes each day to reflect.

"This time could be spent actively calling someone who is going to further yourself, making sure you are aligning your health, taking some time to reflect or think about 'what am I going to do today to get to where I'm going'," Harcourt said.

"We can all set goals, but it's about taking the time each day to bring you closer to that goal," Harcourt said.

After all, those goals may shift as you grow older and your circumstances change.

"It's important people remember you're not defined by what you do -- you are defined by how you feel within yourself -- that's what fulfilment is," Harcourt said.

This story was originally published on 18/08/2016.