18/08/2016 7:31 PM AEST | Updated 18/08/2016 8:46 PM AEST

Shocking Images Reveal Mistreatment At Queensland Juvenile Detention Centre

The images have prompted calls for Queensland to be added to royal commission.

The images show a boy being restrained, stripped and thrown into isolation.

Harrowing images of alleged mistreatment at Cleveland Youth Detention Centre in Queensland have prompted calls for the state to be added to the royal commission into the Northern Territory's juvenile justice system.

The images obtained by The 7:30 Report and Lateline reveal a 17-year-old boy being pinned to the ground by guards, stripped naked and strapped with restraints and thrown into an isolation cell, all for allegedly refusing to take a shower.

The images were part of an internal report by the Queensland Government looking into youth detention in 2013, which claims a knife was used to cut off the boy's clothing.

Despite calls for a review internally at the time, no investigation was conducted due to lack of resources.

The report was obtained by Amnesty International through a freedom of information act, along with another youth detention inspectorate report from 2015 which was critical of the use of guard dogs.

Images from the 2015 report show the fear installed on three girls at Townsville's Cleveland youth detention centre. The girls had run away from guards and jumped in the swimming pool.

When the girls refused to get out, a guard with an unmuzzled dog approached them, letting the leash loose so the dog came extremely close to the pool.

Dogs were regularly used to patrol the building sites and prevent prisoners from escaping, said former youth worker at the centre Shayleen Solomon on Thursday night.

Solomon said the brutal treatment is "just like normal behaviour" at the centre and has called for Queensland to be added to the royal commission into the Northern Territory's juvenile justice system.

"This has been a mass conspiracy of silence and the people at the top who have just shelved these reports need to be dealt with and sacked," Solomon told The 7:30 Report.

The former youth worker said she saw the same 17-year-old boy who was stripped and restrained at the Cleveland Youth Detention Centre.

"They had him face-down on the ground, trying to put handcuffs on him. You could not move. There were four men," Solomon said.

"I was kneeling on the floor in front of him with my hands underneath his forehead because he was head-butting the ground asking them to stop because they were hurting him, and they didn't stop."

You can find the full report from the ABC's 7:30 program here and here.