18/08/2016 5:18 AM AEST | Updated 20/12/2016 3:25 AM AEDT

Steven Avery Has No Doubts He'll Be Released After Nephew's Conviction Overturned

"I’m 1,000 percent confident that I’ll be free.”


Steven Avery is more confident than ever that he’ll be a free man again after a federal judge overturned nephew Brendan Dassey’s conviction for the rape and murder of 25-year-old Teresa Halbach. 

“I thought sooner or later [this day] would [come]. The truth is coming out,” Avery exclusively told In Touch from Waupun Correctional Institution, where he’s serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. “I’m going to be free. I’m 1,000 percent confident that I’ll be free.”

Avery and Dassey were convicted 9 years ago, but the case gained worldwide attention earlier this year thanks to Netflix’s docu-series “Making a Murderer,” which convinced many viewers that Avery was framed by the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department. 

Avery was previously wrongfully convicted of sexual assault and had filed a $36 million civil suit against Manitowoc County when he was arrested for Halbach’s murder. He maintains that he is innocent and claims he was framed. He told In Touch that he hopes more people agree with him based on a judge’s decision to overturn his nephew’s conviction.

In a 91-page decision, Judge William Duffin rendered Dassey’s confession involuntary under the Fifth Amendment. He’ll be released within the following 90 days unless the states decides to retry him. 

The news comes a month after Netflix announced it would produce new episodes of “Making a Murderer” that would offer “exclusive access to Avery’s new lawyer Kathleen Zellner and Dassey’s legal team, led by Laura Nirider and Steve Drizin, as well as intimate access to the families and characters close to the case.”