21/08/2016 11:36 AM AEST | Updated 22/08/2016 8:20 AM AEST

AFL Fan Banned After Targeting Indigenous Star Eddie Betts In Banana Throwing Incident

The Adelaide Crows player appears to have been racially vilified.

Port Adelaide Football Club have issued an indefinite AFL ban to a female fan who appeared to throw a banana at Adelaide Crows player Eddie Betts during a fixture on Saturday night.

The incident occurred close to the end of the game when Betts, appearing in his 250th AFL match, kicked a goal from the left pocket, clinching the 15-point win at the Adelaide Oval.

Prior to meeting with the alleged fan on Sunday, Port Adelaide Chairman David Koch, said: "We're a club, we're an industry, we're a code that doesn't shirk away from these sorts of incidents," according to the AAP.

"If it was racially motivated, not only would she be banned for life from the club, we would encourage her to come and sit with our players, our Aboriginal players and try to understand what these actions mean to them."

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, Betts is said to have looked into the crowd of mostly Power fans, before turning away and celebrating the goal with teammates.

The ABC reports that a video showed up on social media in the hours after the fixture that seems to show a woman tossing a banana towards the Aboriginal player.

The alleged thrower is also accused of mouthing the word "monkey".

On Sunday morning, the Crows labeled the actions of some fans at the game as disgusting and said that it was disappointed by what had occurred.

"The Adelaide Football Club is both disappointed and disgusted at the behaviour of some members of the crowd during tonight's Showdown at Adelaide Oval," the Crows said in a statement, according to Fairfax Media.

"Of particular concern, an object was thrown onto the field of play and in the direction of one of our players."

In an earlier statement, Port Adelaide said a full investigation would be launched into the incident.

"Port Adelaide is appalled by the vision and will not tolerate this type of anti-social behaviour at its games," it read.

"Any object thrown onto the field in the direction of players, coaches or umpires is completely unacceptable and the club will conduct a full investigation in the coming days."

The incident brings to mind the the "orchestrated and contagious" vilification of former Sydney Swans star Adam Goodes, which was widely considered to have racial overtones.