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The Surprising Key To The Most Scoopable Ice Cream In The World

You have to let it age.

We’re not going to lie, homemade ice cream requires some serious effort. And sometimes, after all the work you’ve put into making a pint, the result is disappointing (especially when it’s icy).

But, you should still make ice cream at home because when it’s made right, it’s so good. There’s a really simple trick to make smooth, scoop-able ice cream that rivals the best ice cream makers, and the folks at ChefSteps have shared it with us: you have to age your base.

Just like with wine, ice cream ― or rather the ice cream base ― gets better with age. Once you’ve mixed all the ingredients together you let it age in the fridge overnight before freezing it into ice cream.

Grant Crilly explains how it works:

“Aging in the fridge allows time for the drops of fat to partially crystalize and other proteins coating their surfaces to be displaced, leaving naked patches that will stick together during churning. This helps to trap air bubbles and results in a softer, more scoop-able texture. Oh and it also makes the churning process faster, which gives you smaller ice crystals, which means smoother ice cream with any machine you’ve got.”

Watch the video above to learn why this works, and more importantly to see how it works ― and eat better homemade ice cream forever more.

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